Photography by me

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Before you try to contact me

  1. The photos include colour and texture adjustment with Lightroom, but no photoshop editing and InDesign formatting. However, I could also provide you with the original photo set, only if you are able to adjust the colour and texture yourself and do it well enough for posting online at least

  2. The fabrication of the props is NOT necessary ONLY if you provide a professional made costume and props

  3. I strongly recommend you to have a look my sample work,  I will NOT follow your instruction. BUT negotiation is most welcome.

  4. Please be aware my personality, I will treat you as a British queen only if you do have a royal blood line.

  5. You don’t need to pay for the photoshoot but please provide me with the cost of public transportation and admission fees when entering a special venue is required . 

  6. You do NOT need to look as beautiful as a celebrity. BUT you have to wear a make-up makes you 80% alike the character you are going to cosplay. So, please pick the character that is most appropriate for you.  

  7. Good standard of body language and face expression are required , they are essential to the quality of the photoshoot, especially for whom wants a movie finishing look of the photos.

  8. Friends and strangers will be 100% treated in the same way in term of selecting working partners according to above terms. Only who hepled me befor with my cosplay work will be prioritised

  9. I will maximally use 9 photos to post in my own online social media accounts. The total amount of photos you require cannot be over 18 due to my limited working hours could spend on cosplay. Although you will have the full photoset if you are qualified  (see 1.)

  10. Don’t be late, this is the basic manner of human being

  11. Most importantly, I don’t/cannot/am not willing (to) use any equipments for photography. The photos are aimed to be transformed in Lightroom. Therefore, my original photos sucks.


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